Here you’ll find everything that’s not “Paintings”:

CARTOONS: Mike’s first love in the arts. His work has been nationally and internationally published and appears in children’s books, comics, greeting cards, and hundreds of advertising applications. He is happily retired from twenty years of editorial cartooning that required constant immersion in the 24-hour political news cycle. That brick wall of outrage and anger can wear thin after a couple of decades, so you’ll notice the cartoons here are of a different stripe.  (If you want to see hundreds of older editorial cartoons, you can visit the ancient archive — see link below.)

ILLUSTRATIONS: Here you’ll find a wide variety of pieces from book illustrations (both those targeted to children and those for adults) to magazine work to movie poster concepts.

COMMERCIAL: Mike has worked with large and small entities throughout his career and helmed a successful graphic arts business in downtown Boise for ten years. Here you’ll see some CD covers, concert posters, holiday cards, and logos — with an emphasis on the fun gigs.

BOLIN GUITARS: Speaking of fun gigs — it’s been Mike’s distinct pleasure to work with Master Luthiers John Bolin and Jake Bolin for lo these many years — developing everything from simple design elements to full-blown, from-scratch, one-of-a-kind, gotta-see-to-believe guitars. (That’s a guitar?!)  Bolin Guitars are works of art, and as such, Mike tries to include their collaborative “art guitars” (which you can see on this site) in as many gallery shows as possible. Working with John Bolin has been a professional highlight during an honored friendship of nearly thirty years. The guitars shown here are hand-painted by Mike and “Sweetheart of the Rodeo” is a prized item in his personal collection. (To see what Bolin Guitars are all about, visit